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10 Things Parents Can Do During This LockDown With Your Children … No matter how old they are

Hey Parents, we are on lockdown with our children … and whilst this may be tougher on some parents than others, please remember that the lockdown restrictions are probably tougher on your kids.
However, please remember that in your lifetime, you probably will never again have another lockdown ‘opportunity’ to give them your undivided attention so seize this lifetime opportunity to BOND with your family and create UNFORGETTABLE MEMORIES with your words and your actions.
This is the time to:
1. EAT together and PLAY together … exercises, card games, board games, soccer.
2. CHAT with them …  ASK questions that will get them to talk, not just answer “Yes, No, Fine etc” . Create TRUST & a safe space for them to have open and honest conversations
with you. Ask (not interrogate) with the genuine intent to learn more about them and LISTEN attentively.
3. Do HOUSE CHORES with them. Show them how to sweep, mop, wash, arrange properly. Doing house chores with them will give them a sense of dignity of labour.
4. Help out with their SCHOOL WORK online.
5. Tell them STORIES about your childhood .
6. Talk about THEIR DREAMS and reinforce it.
7. CORRECT their misbehavior with love, patience & kindness (not anger) and explain consequences of actions on the family especially at this time.
8. Establish the FAMILY VALUES and NORMS and the GROUND RULES that will help your family get through this season with LOVE, PEACE and JOY.
9. Explain what you do (at your WORKPLACE) and why it is important.
10. PRAY together and study GOD’S WORD together. Have a REGULAR time and place for your family prayer time.
So, let’s try to SEIZE EVERY MOMENT of this lockdown to create MAGICAL MEMORIES that you want them to remember for the rest of their lives.
Keep safe everyone, but more importantly … love, laugh and keep hope alive.
Fela Durotoye
PS… Please send this to a parent that you think this will help.

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