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My company do not buy us cake to celebrate our birthdays- An employee cries out

Organizational Culture

Organizational culture still remains the key to organizational success and productivity. Why wont an organization buy a 3000 Naira cake to celebrate an employee who dedicates everything to support your vision. Why are our employers in this part of the continent insensitive to what their employees care about. I know why, most employers think they are doing their employees a favour by giving them job in the first place. The unemployment challenge we face as a nation has done us more harm than good. Why so stingy to the detriment of the growth of the organization. If you know the connection between great organizational culture and productivity as an employer, your orientation will change.

“The simple act of paying positive attention to people has a great deal to do with productivity.” This quote by Tom Peters, the author of In Search of Excellence, illustrates how organizational culture and productivity are linked. According to EmployeesTotalwellbeing

Happy employees

What sort of culture exist in your organization as an employer. Because you do not celebrate with cake does not mean you do not have great culture, my point is, some things leave memorable experiences, and if directly or indirectly you have gotten this feedback as an employer, would it be a bad idea to incorporate this too to the list of your great culture?.

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A 2011 study published in The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science also shows that creating a positive organizational culture creates an atmosphere that buffers against negative experiences such as stress. It also attracts employees and brings out their best strengths.

There are different ways of showing great corporate culture, it could be flexibility of work-work remotely, Paid lunch, unlimited vacation time, paternity leave, supporting and encouraging employees passion and interests, training and retraining, Picnicking etc.

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Please help me list more of the great culture you have experienced at your work place or you wish your current work place should bring on board…I WILL BE READING YOUR THOUGHTS IN THE COMMENT SECTION.

Yes i agree, we have unemployment challenge, but be reminded that today’s job seekers are savvier than ever, good organizational culture is something that is vital when deciding on a desirable workplace. It’s important for companies to cultivate a positive environment and a strong brand to attract the best employees and inspire growth and success.

To your organizational Success. Favour is out!

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