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Happy New year

Happy New Year great people. It shall be for us a great one indeed.

Let me share a short story with you. I heard of two brothers who went to a priest for future prediction. The Priest told one that he would be a great king and men shall serve him, he told the second one that unfortunately, your future seems unpleasant, it might be difficult to see you excel in life.

The first brother was ecstatic about the prophecy, celebrated it with all he had and went to sleep- Did nothing to see it happen.

The Second one rejected the prophecy, went into work, got busy, looked for several opportunities to survive and make it. Did he eventually survive despite the prophecy…

Yes he became exceedingly great in the land that he was crowned the king and the first one who was wallowing in abject poverty became his servant…

I know you must have written down your goals,plans, vision for 2019. Your pastor has prophesied about imminent breakthroughs and accomplishments…

Everything around you assures you of a fantastic 2019. The plain truth is, if you do not act on those dreams and aspirations, nothing will change, the circle of writing and believing same thing every year will repeat itself.

Food for thought… It is not enough to pray, Prayer is key do not get me wrong, am a strong believer,it is not enough to have faith in all that have been said. It is not enough to have a beautiful, well laid out goals and plan… The most important part in ensuring you close on a positive note is to execute with confidence knowing that nothing can stop you save you.

Execution does not come by wishful thinking, it is about being intentional. taking the right step one at a time, periodic evaluation and assessment of how well everything is aligning…This year, re -write the narratives, you have all it takes…

Go and conquer! MAKE THINGS HAPPEN

You have all it takes.

Happy New Year!


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