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THE BANE OF UNEMPLOYMENT- Atrocity in our land, brothers killing brothers…

Bane of unemployment

The bane of unemployment in our nation can never be over emphasized. Every year we churn out graduates in different forms. Those with first class and those without. Even the first class are not getting favoured as expected. Today’s post is not really about the statistics of unemployment and the likes but what this menace has and is still doing to our youths and unemployed at large.

I could not find the right title for this story. I remember how my husband will always lament on how Nigerians treat and devalue their fellow citizens before their expert supervisor. What happens is that these Nigerian supervisors dissuade the expatriate bosses from either increasing the wages of their fellow citizens or insisting that they stay back and work hours after close of business, when the expert bosses had asked them to close for the day.

The Nigerian bosses I learnt do these to proof they are on top of their job, they want to save money for the company, and they want to be seen as being hardworking… wow at the expense of your own brother…

Recently I got talking to someone who works in another country, a Nigerian, he told me of how a recruitment agency in Nigeria convinced a company that was about to hire several engineers and were willing to pay eg 150k per month, but were dissuaded by this recruitment agency that the earmarked salary was too much that they were going to find competent graduate that will accept 80k for the same role.

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The recruitment agency succeeded in convincing this multinational and got the contract of recruiting these graduates alongside another agency. My question is why would a country man be this wicked by not seeing the value that these graduates have, having spent five years in school, searched for jobs, yet you think, 150k is too much to be paid your brother by someone who feels your brother deserves more?.

The truth is, I pray for Nigeria, I love my country, but the more of these I do, the more inhumane tendencies I see in our people. Is this not preposterous, why think your own brother does not deserve a good pay, salary and a good life? You are thinking that we have unemployment challenge in our country; therefore, any graduate will grab any job thrown at him or her irrespective.

For those who are into this wicked acts, let me remind you that you will reap what you are sowing. In addition, do not forget, breakthrough will not come to those who will not wish their fellow compatriots breakthrough.

I may not have used the best English to construct this post, please bear with me, as I am eager to share that to edit.


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