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Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is power

Knowledge is power when acted upon. Over the years I have come to realize that the more you know and act, the more you become. Is that English clear…. That’s my quote….

We live in an age where information is available almost everywhere you turn to. Don’t tell me you don’t know what you should know… About your business, career, life, marriage etc. There are books, Google, people, seminars, conferences etc, so what then is your excuse…. Knowledge is power

Steps to knowing:

—–Be inquisitive…. Don’t be too proud to ask questions, the truth is, sometimes all you need to breakthrough might just be ‘under your nose’ very close to you but because you have refused to ask questions, you remain in the same state for years expecting miracles to happen.

—–Mistake and failure are part of success. You learn better from your active participation in a venture or project. Start afraid, fail if possible, get up and put your learning into better use and break forth. Knowledge is power!

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—–Networking : Who are your friends, you can’t be doing same things, keeping same circle of friends or network for years and expect to break through. Connect, network with brilliant minds, people that you are sure will add value to your life. Don’t be too proud to stoop to conquer, he or she may be younger, who cares. You are learning to be better. And that’s the ultimate…Knowledge is power!

Just felt like sharing this with you… Hope it made sense????

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