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How to Get a Better Job


Have you fallen out of love with your workThinking of looking for a better one?

The good news is, there are a few things we can do that will help us find greater fulfillment, meaning and satisfaction in our careers without having to quit. Oh, and it also helps the people around us feel more fulfilled, too.

All that is required is a simple shift in mindset about how we show up to work.

Help others.

We feel the greatest sense of joy not when we accomplish something for ourselves. We feel the greatest sense of joy when we help others accomplish a goal that matters to them. Sure it feels good to hit a goal, but that feeling is fleeting. The feelings that we cling to are the feelings of pride when we see those on our team achieve more than they thought they were capable of.

If we want to get a better job, first and foremost, we have to take care of those in our charge. If we wish to feel more engaged, fulfilled and happy at work, we must make it our obsession to help the people around us feel more engaged, fulfilled and happy in their jobs.

As the proverb says, “When we row another person across the river, we get to the other side ourselves.”

Show up to serve.

We all have the opportunity to be the leader we wish we had. All that is required to be a leader is followers. A follower is someone who chooses to go where we are going. They believe in us because we believe in them. They trust us because we trust them. They want to go where we are going because they believe that place is good for them, too.

When we show up to serve the people around us, that’s when we become leaders. Regardless of our rank, title or position, we become leaders when others choose to follow us.

We do not need to leave our current job to create a better one. We can fall back in love with our jobs when we choose to change how we show up. Instead of showing up for ourselves, we choose to show up for those with whom we work.

And, if we decide that another job at another company, or starting something of our own is the course we prefer to take, then the only thing we need to commit to is taking care of the people with whom we work there, too.

Falling back in love with our work is about shifting our mindset from using our jobs to serve ourselves, to using our jobs to serve others.

Cred: Simon Sinek, Founder and Visionary at Start with Why. On LinkedIn.

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