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‘My boss wants me to sleep with her or I lose my job’

Office sexual harassment

Dear Nine2Five,

My name is Kunle Ayodeji. I am a 27-year-old young man working in a Consulting firm. Without being immodest, I will say I can pass as an handsome guy and this is what is putting a strain on my life and job.

Two months ago, a new manager was posted from the Abuja office to head my department here in Lagos and it turned out to be a woman who is married with four children. her family lives in Abuja while she stays in a hotel pending when her official residence will be put in place.

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But her coming is now bringing untold pressure on me because right from the first week, she took special interest in me. She made sure I was given any assignment that had some extra change and made sure I kept the money accruing therefrom, unlike our former boss who collected every kobo. Anything I requested for was approved immediately.

Just when I was thanking God and my colleagues becoming envious, my boss threw a bomb. She first invited me to her hotel to help her ‘fix’ something but when I got there, she professed love for me, telling me she wanted me to be her lover. I was shocked and practically ran out of her room when it became apparent she wanted me to have sex with her that day.

Since then, she has made life unbearable for me, making me know clearly that she would not take no for an answer. Now she has given me an ultimatum: to either make up my mind and sleep with her before the end of this month or she would make sure I lose my job, a threat I am well aware she is capable of carrying out because she is a top management staff.

Some friends I have narrated my plight to say I should go ahead and do it but I was not raised that way. I have a conscience and my Christian upbringing would not allow me indulge in such.

How can I get out of this woman’s clutch?



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  • You did the right thing by fleeing. Remember the story of Joseph, he also fled and at the end of it all, he was enthroned. The pleasure of sin is just for a moment.
    I’ll advice you to involve your pastor so he can pray along with you. If you believe, she may lose her job or be transferred.

    Don’t give up. You will testify shortly in Jesus name, amen.