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A woman attacked by robbers on her way to work- Sienna Bus on robbery Rampage


Despite all effort by the state government to drastically reduce robbery attacks in Lagos. The men of the underworld are coming up with new ways to attack innocent people who go about their genuine businesses

Shade shared her story with Nine2Five on how she was attacked on her way to walk.

Her story: On this fateful day, I decided to wait at Berger bus stop where people usually stand to wait to get private cars going to Victoria Island and Lekki.  I have a neighbor that I usually follow but, we usually get to work late anytime I follow him so on this fateful day, I decided to leave home very early so as to beat the third mainland traffic.

After sometime, a Toyota Sienna, approached, one person and I entered the car. After about 5 minutes’ drive, we were commanded to lie down, only two people, I and one other person were their victims, others were the robbers including the driver…. We were commanded to lie down and before we knew what was happening they blinded us Aboniki- hot balm, and they began to ransack our bags, they took my new Samsung phone, and they took my official Apple Macbook that is about 500 – 600k.

They took our ATM and all valuables in my bag. After the attack, they drove us to an unknown destination, it was at that point that we beckoned on people shared our ordeal. To our amazement, the people around there confirmed that they have notice that Sienna bus that it usually drops off their victims at that location…

I also heard of a similar story of how a nursing mother, who had just resumed after maternity was brutally attacked by robbers, while going to work very early in the morning… They took her to the ATM and withdrew about 250K from her account.

What is the way forward parents?


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