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How do busy Moms get rest?

Rest for busy moms

I love what I do, waking up very early to take care of my kids, get them ready for school, I hit the road, while Daddy drops them off at school. I love my Branding and Marketing job, I love cooking so I look forward to what to prepare for dinner that will most times excite my kids and husband.

I love doing all the wifey duties and all… In addition, in all of this the ministry work must not suffer…

So how do busy mothers rest in a busy Lagos City, here are a few tips to consider:

Change your perspective on rest. You’re a human being–not a human doing, and definitely not a robot. Downtime is essential-it not just for toddlers or old folks, it should be a part of our daily routine, just like brushing our teeth. We all feel there is no time to rest, no matter how we try, its worse for people like us without House help. You get back from work and face the family work. The truth is we all need to change our perception and strive to rest, make it a part of our routine.

Rest whenever, wherever you can: It’s easy to get carried away by activities at home and workplace and forget that rest is also part of the routine, so what do you do, leverage, rest whenever and wherever, it could be a short nap in your car after shopping for groceries, or after work before hitting the road. Just do it!

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Dedicate Saturday or Sunday specifically to rest: Wow, I am talking to those who are not so committed and perhaps are committed in church activities, I know some folks who are in church, Saturdays and Sundays all day, I happen to be one of them; we should still create time to rest. It’s good to attend ‘Owambe’ and family functions, but do not forget that rest is part of the routine and the more of it you get the better. If you have to draw up a calendar and carry everyone along with the implementation, it won’t be a bad idea… More on this shortly

#Shareit how can busy Moms get rest? How do you get yours…


Please share how you get rest in midst of all these… I might just draw a leaf from yours.

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