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Help! My House help is pregnant

Unwanted pregnancy

Diary of a 9to5 Parent: Kate sent in this story as shared:

I am used to having house helps, it is usually not easy coping with work, two kids without a help. For some time, I battled with getting a good one, I have had to change them like every two months, different faces with different issues, at some point, I thought I was the one with perfectionist issues, but no, I am not.

I give them everything to make them comfortable, but the moment you give them too many privileges, they begin to misbehave. I had one who was reported to be maltreating my first child every now and then.   The straw that broke the camel’s back was my new observation recently, this particular house help came in January, usually I would conduct series of tests that would include pregnancy test, but this time around, I omitted the pregnancy test and conducted others.

To my amazement I discovered that her stomach was getting bigger, when i told her of my observation, she said” it’s simply caused by late night food”. That she is working on it. I carried on as though nothing happened, but after two weeks the tommy became bigger than it was, so I called her to know what was wrong, that the tommy was getting bigger by the day, “sit down and tell me everything, what happened to you” I inquired. She said she seems to be pregnant but that its quite surprising to her because she was on in March, so how she be 19 to 20 weeks pregnant. That was the discovery after we went for pregnancy test.

I am tired of this house help issues, its been from one matter to another, Well, I do not know who impregnated her, but one thing is sure, I have asked her to go to her parents’ house to have peacefully have her baby, or if she knows the father, she might as well go and inform him.

House help for working mothers are necessary evil. I am already looking for another one, as I said I cannot cope without one,” She concluded.

Mmm, this is indeed one diary of a busy 9to5 Mum. What is your take on this story, if you were in her shoes with numerous experiences with Helps, would  you still go for another help or quit your job, when your contribution to the family finance in critical.

Your comment please.

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  • The struggle continues…. I will get another one. Close monitoring of the girls is key. Getting a housemaid is not a hands-off all responsibilities. She is simply to assist.