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Ice Cream Won’t Cut it- 2


Hi, I promised that I was going to share a story on a similar experience a colleague shared with me. She told me of a little boy about 3 years of age who would always look moody whenever he sees other parents visit or attend school functions to cheer their children. He would sit alone like an orphan.

This happened severally, but one day the parents decided to visit him in school like every other parent, my God! You needed the see the glow on his face, I was told that he was all over the moon, telling everyone who cared to listen that his dad and Mum were around.

The teachers told the parents their previous observation on how the baby will sit on his own and interact with anybody because his own parents were absent. The parents were amazed at the revelation and from then on pledged to always make out time to coma and cheer their son in school.

As a busy parent, do you even observe your children to understand their pain points, do you periodically find out things about them from their teachers…

Ice cream won’t replace human touch and relationship…

What’s the way forward parents… Your comment will be appreciated.


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  • Very true, Gifts and money cannot take the place of tender, loving care of parents presence.

    May not be at school events, may just be warm words of encouragement.

    Showing that you bekives in this kid may go a long way to boos their morale.

    We often overlook the fact that kids also have emotions like adults, so we unknowingly trample on them.

    Talk to the kids, they want to talk to us. They need a listening nonjudgmental ear.

    • Well spoken Onoshi, The care/attention can come in different ways, what is important is that we are not misplacing priorities.