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Ice Cream won’t Cut It

Hi, trust you are great. How was the week, hope you had a splendid one. Today I will be talking about ensuring we dedicate more time to what is really primary and important and that is family. I hear people say that your job may leave you but your family will never leave you…

I have a fantastic relationship with my daughter, we gist a lot, my work is demanding, I leave home early and return home late. Yet I make sure we talk about the day before we retire to bed.

On this particular day, she ran to me with her usual excitement and everyday line- ‘ Mummy welcome, how was work, what did you buy’ Mummy we are celebrating the mothers in my school tomorrow and we Ve been asked to bring our mummies to school, I said wow and I paused, she looked at me and burst into tears and I asked her why she was crying. She said ‘ Mummy I know you won’t come; you are always going to work you don’t come for my school programs’…

I felt really bad, I could not get out of the shock for several hours, but lo and behold I couldn’t make it to the meeting, as I had a lot lined up for me at work.

The feeling of guilt enveloped me for days but I promised I was going to make it up to her, soon after that, was a cultural day scheduled towards the end of the term and as God would have it, it fell on day I could manage to wriggle myself out of work, not really because I did not have much but I know that my daughter would be on top of the moon if Mummy attends her cultural day, she would feel really good and loved as well. I made it to the cultural day, and was busy taking pictures of my baby who turned out to be the queen of her class for the cultural presentation.

I was sharing the above with a friend and she narrated a story that I will share with us tomorrow on this platform.

Please be on the lookout.

Please where should we draw the line and ensure we balance this work and parenting issues. Our kids need the human touch and relationship. Ice cream and goodies won’t replace these…


Favour Samuel

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